Your life partner search: Do's and Don'ts requests you to adhere to the following "Safety Tips" while you are on your life partner search.


  • 1.You should remain absolutely anonymous until you totally believe he/she who expressed interest in your profile. Check out for inconsistencies or odd behaviour , as genuine people will certainly respect your views and give you adequate time to take a decision.
  • 2. Keep a tab on people who are vague about their answers or ask unnecessary questions. Stop interacting with a person who pesters you for personal information like email address, mobile nos, Photo etc.
  • 3.Share your contact number only when you are absolutely comfortable and have some details about the other person.
  • 4. Ask as many questions as possible to him/her and check out for inconsistencies with regard to Education, profession/ employment, Office / Residence address, salary, age, appearance, interests, marital status, etc. This will enable you to identify liars & fraudsters, and it will help you find out if there is scope for compatibility.
  • 5.When you are meeting someone for the first time, take a family member or friend along with you. However, if you prefer to meet him/her alone then share the name, address and telephone number of the person you are going to meet with your family member or friend.
  • 6.Observe emotions of the potential match such as intense frustration, anger. Sometimes the prospective match may even try to control or pressure you. In addition to this, making distasteful comments, or any physically incorrect behaviour are all warning symptoms.
  • 7. Beware of someone who tries to demand money from you for whatsoever reason. An honest person will never ask money from you under any circumstance. If someone demands money from you, smartly avoid such requests.
  • 8. Be careful when it comes to converting an online relationship offline.


  • 1. Never tell a prospective match regarding your detailed financial information right away when you meet them.
  • 2. Never go to a movie, beach, park or a secluded locality alone at the first meeting.
  • 3. Never share your personal contact information like name, email address, home address, telephone numbers, and office address in your initial communications, until you believe that person.
  • 4. Never use a signature in your email communications that include your contact information.
  • 5. Never use your regular or official email address for communicating with a person you are not familiar with.
  • 6. Never trust a person who fails to provide direct and clear answers to your direct questions.
  • 7. Never become close to a person prematurely, even if that intimacy happens only online.
  • 8. Never fall for a person who showers love and affection initially and vanishes later.